Called List

Called List for Pocket PC

View your call history in order of most frequently called

The intelligent software to list the call history in order of most frequently calls. The most frequently calls are the phone numbers which subject to call back. It is the convenient utility for dialing to favorite numbers with built-in call command. The list can be customized in various views including icons view, tiles view and list view. The call history can be filtered as the connected calls, outgoing calls, incoming calls, missed calls or all calls. The new call reflects to the list order dynamically. The call history and dialing functionalities are reused from existing phone subsystem. No new memory allocation and residence processing are required. Then it is optimized for storage and speed of your device.


  • To reach the favorite phone number
  • To simplify the call
  • For one hand entry
  • For dialing on the move

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Called List


Called List for Windows Mobile 1.0

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